About Us

We are the Master Shop Trading Company since 2016. We have been working to meet the needs of both the modern and classic home and the different tastes of customers. That is why we cooperated with Linda Center in Port Said
to work for providing customers with different tastes by providing all tableware from dining sets to international brands Noritake, Narumi And silver and gold spoons and forks sets, and we also do not forget the home décor, which is available through the finest types of Czech crystal Bohemian in all its models and shapes of juice sets, tea sets, vases and bonbonnieres And do not forget the customers who are interested in antiques, so we have provided all models and shapes of Limoges.
And also for all cooking hobbyists and professionals, we offer you the most luxurious and finest types of bowls, grills, casseroles and others with very high quality, which makes the food not stick to it as it has the feature of heat distribution and also we can not forget the sets of knives used by the most famous chefs